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Holiday Inn Taunton - Real Haunts in Taunton MA

  • 700 Myles Standish Blvd.
  • Taunton, MA
  • (508) 823-0430
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The stairway near the 28 rooms at this inn are said to be haunted by voices that can be heard ordering guests to "Leave here now."
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  • Holiday Inn

    Im a sensitive and I'm staying night here. Since checking in I've been having spouts of vertigo . And so with that is one of the things that tell me I'm in a haunted location! I have only been in my room on second floor less than a hour and already feeling sick ??! Well wish me luck and I'll get back if more happens to me! Happy Halloween!

    Posted 10/30/21

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  • Haunted 5th Floor

    I have stayed at the hotel several times this year (2018). On two occasions I have had very uncomfortable experiences. Both occurred on the 5th floor in rooms very close to each other. On both occasions, I checked out of the room in the middle of the night, as the negative feelings in my room where unsettling. The second occasion included paranormal activity. I knew nothing about the haunted stories until after I checked out the second time. The first occasion occured in January 2018. I stayed in Room 510. I went to dinner in the restaurant below, and returned to my room sometime between 7:00 - 8:00 pm. I felt perfectly fine as I exited the elevator, however I felt sudden uneasiness, and chest pain as I walked down the hall, which increased in intensity as I got closer to my room. I took a nap, and awoke an hour later with chest discomfort and a strange, eerie sense of sadness and doom. The feeling intensified, so I checked out and went to the ER. All tests were fine. I chaulked it up as stress. I have since stayed in the hotel several times, with no unusual issues until last night. Last night I stayed in room 518, and had a much more intense experience than the one before; an experience I would term as paranormal. I felt uneasiness as soon as I entered the room upon arrival, but I ignored it. I went to dinner at the same restaurant, and then returned to my room to work at my desk around 7 pm, with a full cup of pepsi from the bar. Sometime near 8 pm, the still half-filled cup of soda was on my desk directly in front of me, next to my laptop. It suddenly moved almost an inch, right in front of me. Needless to say I was slightly spooked, but kept my cool and kept working, yet felt uneasy. A few minutes later I sent my wife this text, "The cup of soda on my hotel desk just moved half an inch. I am not kidding " We joked about it. Later, I had trouble falling asleep, as the uneasiness continued, and grew. For some reason, I watched Robyn Williams comedy videos on You-Tube to try to shake the mood. It did not work. I finally fell asleep around 1 am. About an hour later (roughly the same length of time as my evening nap in January), I awoke with the most intense feeling of depression and sadness I have ever felt (outside of the death of a loved one). I cannot explain it, as it had never happened to me before. I also felt pressure on the left side of my chest, but no real pain. The feeling of depression was so strong and uncontrolable, it scared me. I considered calling for help. I felt an overwhelming sense of emotional pain, and wanting to cry. I thought this must be what clinically depressed, suicidal people feel like. Robyn Williams popped back in my mind. I felt like I was losing the battle, so I sent this text to my wife in an attempt to regain myself: "I woke up at 2am with a sudden urge to cry, and I have no idea why. Just this painful, powerful, feeling of depression, and wanting to cry... But no thought or memory that I know of that prompted it. I am trying to keep my mind off of it, so I am texting you....not to wake you, but to try and offset this feeling of being alone. I feel a pressure in the left side of my chest. I don't know if it is integestion or stress or what. I really need my family" I could not control the feeling for at least an hour or more. Strangely though, the entire time I felt like the emotions were not my own, even though I was feeling them so intensely. This realization is when I really got spooked. I found the earlier movement of the cup, as unnatural as it was, amuzing. This intense negative energy however, which seemed to enter me in the 3rd person and control my emotions, terrified me. I alternated pacing the floor, sitting on the bed, and laying down. I tried to think happy thoughts for about half an hour, trying to shake it. Nothing worked. I could just feel negative energy around me. The only thing that helped was the thought of leaving. But I had a meeting the next day, and a Thanksgiving holiday scruff - so I knew I needed to shave before I left. I removed my shirt, and shaved, feeling chills and uneasiness in the bathroom the whole time. I was afraid to take my eyes off the mirror, as I did not want anything to appear when I looked back up. Too many movies I guess. I was relieved when I was done, and could pack up my toiletries. As I turned for the bathroom door, I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I attributed this to just being spooked. As I crossed the threshold though, I felt a cold, wet touch (like fingertips) brush the back of my neck. This I could not account for, simply by being spooked. It startled me, and made my last 5-minutes in the room, packing my bags, that much scarier. The bathroom and closet share a door. When I opened that door to the closet to get my dress clothes for the next day, and closed it on the bathroom, I felt one last burst of negative energy with the swinging of the door. You would think I would have dressed quickly and ran out of there, but I found myself dreasingly slowly, carefully, constantly looking around me. I did not feel alone. My final walk to the door was equally slow, as if I was afraid to let the negative energy know I was leaving. As soon as I entered the lobby (around 3:30 AM) my feelings of sadness and depression left me, just as suddenly as it had come. I asked the front desk person, "Be straight with me, has there been talk of this place being haunted". This is when she shared the story with me of past experiences. I spent the rest of the night in the lobby with busy work, waiting for daylight. This is when I also searched online for anything I could find on the hotel being haunted. I discovered three things. One was the suicide in a 2nd floor bathroom. The second was the reports of voices in the stairwell. As I searched deeper though, I discovered a third story documented in a Taunton newspaper. A 59 year old man died while taking a bath in a 5th floor bathroom, on Saturday 2/27/16. The story was printed on 3/1/16. The man had eaten dinner at the same restaurant in the hotel. He died with his drink near him. The death was unexplained, but I think it is reasonable to assume he felt stress, loneliness and depression as he died, maybe chest pains, and had wet, cold hands.

    Posted 11/28/18

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