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1 Award Received

Fear Town Haunted House is a massive outdoor haunted attraction that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Located deep in the woods at Seekonk Speedway, Fear Town will take you on a terrifying journey in and out of the run-down buildings that have been hidden for decades. As you progress through the haunted trail, monsters will come at you from all angles to try and make you a permanent resident of the woods. So before you decide to enter, ask yourself one question: How much fear can you take? Email Haunt Owner
Extreme Fears Nights are November 3rd & 4th 2017

Ticket Prices are $35 Each
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Hours of Operation: Opens at 7pm

Admission Costs: Sunday - Thursday $19
Friday - Saturday - $20
Oct 21, 27 & 28 (Peak Nights) $22

Save $2 buying tickets online.

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Event last updated 160 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
All photos and videos within this listing are the property of Fear Town
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Get Directions

Get Directions
From Providence Take 195 East to Exit 1. Merge right onto 114A South. Take a left at the second set of lights onto Fall River Avenue. Seekonk Speedway will be on your left. From Fall River/New Bedford Take 195 West to Exit 2. Take a left off the exit onto 136 South. Take a right at the first set of lights onto Fall River Avenue. Seekonk Speedway will be on your right.

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  • Email Verified Can't wait to come back next year!

    This is my second year here and it did NOT disappoint. Amazing scares, the actors were fantastic, pushing the boundaries of your personal space without touching you, makeup was amazing and they navigate secretly and silently between scares. This is incredibly well done and I was solidly scared many times throughout the whole thing. Can't wait to come back next year!

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    Posted July 2017

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  • Email Verified Feartown is truly an experience

    You don't just go through a haunted house, you start out there but you end up wandering through the woods, a church, a farm, an auto repair shop, and getting lost in dark foggy mazes and terrorized by monsters with all kinds of makeup and props, such as real chainsaws. They'll follow you, mock you, leap out in front of you, and bang on the walls to freak you out. At one point you're sent on your hands and knees into the "meat grinder." The makeup and costuming is impressive, as well as the small attentions to details. If you find yourself getting scared, look at the ground, walls, and facades to see the extra touches of decoration that went into everything. On one of the facades you can faintly see the face of a skull in the black swirling. It is clear that these actors, makeup artists, and the set decorators are all very passionate about what they're doing, which makes the experience all the better.

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    Posted July 2017

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  • Keeps getting better and better

    Fear Town just keeps getting better year after year. The owner's life long passion for Halloween and Haunted Attractions is clearly displayed in this creation. You will not find a better haunted house anywhere in Massachusetts, and I would argue that Fear Town is the best attraction of its size in New England. I am thoroughly impressed with how well it stands out, even up against nearby competitors with unlimited budgets. The theming, scenery, acting, ambiance, lighting, everything contributes to the total experience and keeps you on edge, believing you have actually become a part of Fear Town. The actors and actresses, in particular, are extremely talented and interactive. Each one had a different style, from startling to unsettling and creepy, to a full performance. Lastly, every one of your senses are triggered, and the attraction uses the perfect dose of confusion and disorientation to twist your perception of reality. Fear Town is a must see haunted attraction, and makes for an excellent fun and scary night out.

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    Posted July 2017

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  • Email Verified Looking Forward to Going Back!

    I'm itching for fall so I can start my New England Haunt tour. Last year was my first time at Fear Town. Really long walk through and some awesome scares. This one feels like there was so much more effort put into it rather than some of these more commercialized places. The actors were super into it and the makeup jobs were amazing!

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    Posted July 2017

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  • Email Verified Best haunt

    Longest walk through around, good sets, enthusiastic actors, easy to get to, good value for the price...will def go again.

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    Posted November 2016

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  • Best new haunt

    Had lots of fun. Obviously low budget, but a very creepy, original layout and more high energy scares than any other New England haunt that I've been to.

    Posted November 2014

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  • Excellent new haunt

    OK, before I start the review, I should warn you (for those who don't bother reading the FAQ section of the website), wear clothes that you don't care about. YOU WILL GET DIRTY! For those who don't to read the whole review, a short summary is at the very bottom. You start off in (what I can only describe as), the independent horror movie version of a "traditional haunted house". Room to room bloodstains, jump scares, creepy kids, drop doors, and a few interesting surprises. Then, a walk through the woods. Tension builds as you go from dark areas, to dimly lit areas and strobe lit areas. You walk slowly, worried about what's around the next turn. Sometimes nothing, sometimes a psycho in a ghillie suit comes out of the trees. Homicidal maniacs, banging on barrels, staring intently, is your head next? I love how they let you walk for a minute or two without a scare from time to time. Building tension between scares is a lost art. Too many haunts these days throw pop-scare after pop-scare at you every 6 seconds. At the end of this long and frightening path, a hillbilly with long hair and a dirty face stops you at the fence, greets you, talks to you, and then you hear animalistic screams. "MORE FOOD!" "FRESH MEAT!" "COME TO PAPAW!" And he tells you that means his family is done cleaning the meat grinder and they're ready for you. As you walk toward a barn, a hay bale drops, stopping just short of your head. As you look up to figure out what's dropping above you and see it's just a bale of hay on a rope, an insane looking man in a straw hat runs at you, screaming. You walk into the barn, and a bit of the wall (which turns out to be a door) slams open, and a very large man - who looks like he really did eat the last group that came through - starts talking about torturing you to "tenderize the meat". I won't ruin the next surprise, but let's just say when you meet "Papaw", you're gonna get dirty. Claustrophobics, beware, they have no sympathy for you. And really, why should they? What makes your paralyzing fear so special? Some people feel the same way about clowns, as you feel about small spaces. But they still have to deal with clowns if they go to a haunted house with clowns in it. Even if they yell "Leave me alone! I have Coulrophobia", the clowns will continue to follow them. Sorry, I was annoyed, I got stuck behind a group of four people, all of which claimed to be claustrophobic, and refused to..... well ... you'll see if you go...... anyway, them being pains in the neck held up the rest of us. After you leave the barn, you'll go through the "private family cemetery", then a dark creepy room with red lasers, and then you'll come to a yard with a trailer in it. I can not prepare you for the person you meet at the trailer. But say hello to Ellie Mae for me ;) After that is the garage, and - when you get out of it - one more "surprise". Lots of fun, and more scare for less money than any other haunt in New England. Get on it!! Short summary Creepy indie horror flick version of a traditional haunted house. Suspenseful trail in the woods. Barn full of cannibal hillbillies. Lots of fun surprises. 20-30 minute walk through for only 14 bucks!! And, I've heard there are 2 dollar off coupons kicking around the Southeastern MA and Northern RI area.

    Posted October 2014

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    9 out of 9 found this review helpful

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