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Scared to Go to Bed After Watching Too Many Horror Movies? Tips for Getting Some Sleep After Halloween Horror Binges

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With Halloween still on the brain, it's pretty likely that you've been indulging in some of your horror flick faves over the past month or so, enjoying all the big thrills, chills, and suspense that come along with binge watching horror movies, Halloween specials, and even attending haunted houses.

If you've indulged in one too many horror movies, or you've visited a haunted house that maybe pushed you just past your threshold for terror, then it might be time to take some steps before bedtime to cure that self-induced Halloween insomnia, that let's be honest - many of us are pretty familiar with.

To help get you through the next few weeks (you know, until we can bust into the turkey and pretend Halloween was all just a bad memory), we've put together some tips & tricks for unscaring yourself post-Halloween.

  1. Stop Watching Scary Stuff Before Bedtime. Seriously. Stop. - Ok, this sounds easy enough, unless you're a horror addict with a streaming subscription. If you're having trouble falling asleep, or you're plagued by monsters from movies and haunted houses, put something lighter on the tube before bedtime - comedy, cartoons - anything that's not spooky, really.

  2. Snuggle with Your Pets - Do you have a four legged friend who loves to snuggle? Then you're mighty lucky, because they're about to show you their magical power, which is soothing poor terrified humans who have over-indulged in Halloween scares. Grab your pooch or kitty, and snuggle up with them and look at some wholesome, cute animal pics together while you relax and unwind.

    • Alternative for Non-Pet People - Cuddle your stuffed animal, significant other, or stay scared. Or, you could always go adopt a pet from the shelter to be your new nighttime BFF.

  3. Unwind with a Lavender Candle (Really!) - Lavender is supposed to be calming, so when you get home from work, why not light up a lavender candle? The soothing smell will help you relax - just be sure to put it out before bedtime.

  4. Keep The TV or Radio on At All Times for Background Noise - Has watching too many horror flicks made you feel like every little noise your house makes is an axe wielding murderer? Are you freaked out when you're in the shower or bathroom, even when you known darn well that your doors are locked, and that the noises you hear are from the old pipes your landlord never does anything about? Well, there's a simple way to quell these anxieties - make sure there's constant background noise, so no bumps, creaks, and other creepy noises can get to you. Put on your favorite radio station, or turn the tube on and let the television play all night. If you're super freaked out, you might want to keep this going while you're asleep, too.

  5. Double Check Your Doors & Windows - Making sure your doors and windows are locked will help you feel safe, because it's an actual safety tip, so why not go ahead and double check those locks before you settle in for the night?

  6. Drink Some Chamomile Tea or Hot Cocoa - Another great way to relax, this is a good way to calm down while you watch your non-scary cartoons with your stuffed animals and pets, and try to un-scare yourself after watching to many horror flicks. The warn comfort of cocoa or chamomile is a great way to help you relax.

  7. Keep the Darn Lights On - Always! - As we all know, spooky stuff happens when the lights are turned off, so let's just solve this problem entirely by leaving the lights on. Personally, I recommend using low-energy bulbs and lighting up your whole house like an eco-friendly, ghost free space ship. Not able to sleep with the lights on full blast? No problem. Get a lava lamp to use as your night light - you'll have enough light to see at night without your house being lit up like the tree from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

How Do You Get Over the Heebie-Jeebies After Watching Too Many Horror Flicks?
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