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11 Telltale Signs You're a True Horror Movie Fanatic

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Do you love horror movies? Like, as in, really, really love Horror Movies? Well then you just might be a Horror Movie Fanatic. If you love all things horror, and you just can't help but follow the latest horror movie news, trends, and happenings, well, then you might just be a fanatic. If you love to keep things spooky and scary all year, then it's no surprise that Horror Movies are definitely your thing!

Here's 11 Telltale Signs You're a True Horror Flick Fanatic:

  1. You always go to see the latest horror flicks in theaters, even in the reviews are less than kind.

  2. You are well-versed in what "is cannon" and what isn't for all of your favorite franchises, and you have no problem debating, or correcting casual fans about inaccuracies.

  3. You buy all of your favorite horror flicks on DVD/BlueRay/Digital Download so that you get all the extra behind the scenes content, director commentary, and fun trivia and factoids to add to your repertoire of horror knowledge.

  4. You love embracing the sillier side of horror - you love fan send ups like "November 1st" (which gives fans a look into what Michael Myers does the other 364 nights of the year that aren't Halloween), you love the "B Films" that are straight camp, and poke fun at the seriousness of horror, and you love being in on the gag.

  5. You balk at horror movie remakes when they're announced (because I mean really, how could they ever be as good as the original?)...but you go see them in theaters anyway.

  6. You're low-key disgusted with anyone who confuses Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

  7. You get miffed when sequels do not follow the "movie universe"'s cannon story - unless the filmmakers announce that it is an offshoot, or a change to the film-cannon, that is.

  8. No matter what holiday is on the horizon, you know the best holiday-themed horror flick to recommend for the occasion (i.e. Leprechauns for Saint Patrick's Day, Black Christmas for Christmas, and so on).

  9. You've watched so many horror movies that you've started sympathizing with the bad guys - I mean, there's gotta be a reason they're out there on homicidal rampages, right?!

  10. You stay in-the-know on the latest horror movie news by staying active on local forums, listening to horror podcasts, and attending events like ComicCon, where you can meet the writers, directors, actors, and crews behind your favorite cult classics.

  11. You'll give every horror flick a chance - even if you know it's gonna be bad. In fact, the cheesier, sillier side of Horror Flicks is something that you just can't help but love.

If you're a casual fan, and you've watched one too many horror movies recently, we've still got you covered. Check out our Guide to Going to Bed After Too Many Slasher Flicks for tips on putting your mind at ease after watching your favorite horror movies!

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